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Clever Gets Creative

The team at Clever knows that every product will have its press releases and screen shots blasts, but we also know every product is unique and needs a unique approach so we strive to find new and creative ways to create awareness and secure coverage for the products we promote.

Deca Sports Campaign

Deca Sports Deca Sports - National Geographic Kids Click for Full-Size Images

In order to drive awareness for Hudson's Deca Sports game, the PR team took a strategic mutli-faceted approach to announcing the features and launch of the game.

To build excitement, the team began with an exclusive unveiling of each of the ten categories of sports that were included in the game. After previewing each of the sports one at a time, the team then launched a "30 Q&A's in 30 Days" Campaign that included a full month of pitching and securing more than 30 Q&A's on key Nintendo editorial outlets to keep it top of mind and to expose it to as many different readers as possible. In addition, the team kept up a steady stream of assets flashes and demo mailings.

This campaign helped create awareness within the gaming editorial community and also opened up many new doors (including National Geographic Kids, COOKIE magazine and Sports Illustrated Kids) to deliver amazing coverage and one of Hudson's most successful game launches ever.

Princess Debut Creative Email Blasts & Non-Traditional Outreach

Princess Debut Princess Debut Click for Full-Size Images

In order to create awareness for the release of Natsume's Princess Debut game, the PR team launched a creative email blast campaign to tie in with the Princess theme and the timing of the game's September release.

The PR team put together princess-themed email blasts that demonstrated the game's unique personal and feminine touch. The creative mailings were written from the perspective of the Princess in the game. One example included a list of the top 10 things that every little princess needs for back-to-school and informed the editors about unique features of the game and its upcoming launch (geared around the back-to-school timeframe).

The email blasts were sent out to editors just prior to the game's launch. The editors enjoyed receiving the email blasts and gave the game additional coverage because of the fun and unique way the messages were delivered.

In addition, the PR team generated incremental awareness for the game by conducting outreach to many non-traditional outlets including pitches to Holiday Gift Guides and Mommy Blogs.

Creative Email Blasts

Pac • Man World 3 Snoopy vs. The Red Baron Click for Full-Size Images

Sometimes just sending out some new screen shots just doesn’t cut it. The Clever team likes to mix it up with creative email news stories that are both eye-catching and filled with key product information to create awareness AND coverage.

The email blasts you see here were picked up as news items all over gaming online sites, while long-lead publications who got the piece contacted the PR team back to request the game for review (which also led to future coverage).

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