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Rock Hippo Productions

Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. is a digital media provider and publisher of online, community based video games for distribution to the mass market on a global scale. Founded in 2009, Rock Hippo seeks to provide premier “free-to-play” interactive entertainment, which offers a community and social networking experience to gamers all over the world, resulting in a gaming experience that is second to none.  For more information about Rock Hippo and its current product offerings, please visit

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UTV Ignition Entertainment Limited

UTV Ignition Entertainment Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of UTV Software Communication Ltd, India’s only global media and entertainment conglomerate. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in the U.K. with offices in Austin, Texas and Tokyo, Japan. For more information on Ignition and its products, visit

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gamigo AG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Axel Springer AG, was founded in 2001 and has grown to become one of the leading publishers of free-to-play MMOGs in Europe. Since 2010, gamigo also publishes its games globally.  gamigo employs a team of 100 in its company headquarters in Hamburg, with a satellite office in New York City in planning. The key to success is the emphasis on publishing high-quality games supervised by first-rate community management. The portfolio includes games from all ends of the gaming spectrum - from Facebook games and browser-based games to elaborate MMORPGs.

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Natsume Inc. is a worldwide developer and publisher that specialize in unique and family-oriented interactive entertainment software for a variety of platforms. Most known for publishing Reel Fishing and Harvest Moon, Natsume is dedicated to producing quality video games. For more information about Natsume Inc., visit

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True Games

True Games Interactive is an international multi-player online game publisher. It was founded by a core team of MMO industry veterans with extensive experience in publishing and operating online games. True Games brings new and innovative development ideas online, delivers them with a state-of-the-art game platform, and leverages micro-transaction revenue models. They are working with world class publishers to license existing online titles and world class developers to create games exclusively for online play. The company is based in Orange County, California and plans to release its first title in the summer of 2008.

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OnNet Internet Entertainment, run by OnNet USA, is dedicated to changing the way people play games. Based in San Jose and founded in 2005, OnNet USA hosts amazingly fun item-based online games for all gamers from MMORPG’s to sports through its game portal

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G4box Inc.

G4BOX is a publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment media in North America. The company offers a portfolio of diversified entertainment content that is accessible via the internet. G4BOX Inc.’s vision is to become a premier content provider in the explosive worldwide market where they are concentrating creative and technical efforts on introducing new and exciting MMORPG products from Asia to North America.

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3volution Productions

3volution Productions offers top quality audio and video production, writing, marketing, and licensing services for the Videogame, Film, Television and Music industries. 3volution Productions has worked with top videogame companies including Microsoft, Sony, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, THQ, Midway, Capcom, Namco, Atari, Majesco and others.

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The Ant Commandos

The Ant Commandos (TAC) is a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of innovative peripherals and accessories for the interactive entertainment industry. Named the third fastest-growing accessories companies of 2007 by NPD, TAC's imaginative designs follow the fundamental principles of simplicity, interactivity, and mobility for game enthusiasts worldwide. TAC was the first peripheral company to ship its wireless guitar and 10-Button Double Range Guitar for Guitar Hero, the first to distribute the Bass Guitar for Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and it led efforts to design and manufacture the first wireless microphone for the SingStar, Rock Band, Boogie and High School Musical games. TAC is based in Ontario, California. More information can be found about the company and its products at

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GH Skinz is a designer and manufacturer of custom and high-end skins and accessories for video game and music peripherals. makes decorative skins for the peripherals that accompany popular games including Rock Band and Guitar Hero and also makes skins for related gaming consoles including The Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 2.

In Spring 2008, the company will launch its line of skins for handheld systems including the Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and Apple Ipod. GHskinz' mission is to provide the best possible product along with the best customer service. For more information visit

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Hudson Entertainment is the North American publishing arm of Hudson Soft, an international provider of games and entertainment content founded in 1973. Hudson introduced best-selling classic videogame franchises including Bomberman, Bonk, and Super Adventure Island. Hudson Entertainment focuses on three key businesses: Console Games, Mobile Games, and Music.

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