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When she says, "I often tell people games for me are not an obsession, they're not a hobby, they're my way of life," you know she means it!

Social Networking has become the fabric of life for many people young and old.  Whether it's a way to keep in touch with family or the latest news, social networking sites (SNS) have carved out a portion of online traffic that nothing has before, and it is here to stay.  In a day of tight budgets and shrinking player attention span, it's important to utilize the tools that will attract the most number of eyes while looking effortless.  The tools inherent to sites like Twitter and Facebook allow for a variety of presentations, can be used to deliver assets in creative ways, and provides an avenue to solicit and sort feedback. 

Building a loyal and engaging community adds recognition to titles, developers, publishers, and their products whether they are a single release, series, or ongoing online title.

About Our Community Management Specialist

Anna Marie Privitere (formerly Neufeld) has been a community management specialist for five years and has been a journalist in the video game industry for 11 years.  Anna has led several game-centric communities, working up from volunteer player moderator to  full time Community Manager.

In previous and current positions, Anna Marie has demonstrated a clear  knowledge of what players are seeking in regards to interaction via  forum and social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook, Twitter, and  YouTube and has had successful campaigns on each.  Having seen the  industry on both sides of the curtain has given her a unique perspective  and a boundless enthusiasm for shaping and nurturing the community of a company. The very first social media site project Anna Marie took on for one of Clever’s clients netted a 54% increase on their Facebook page (jumping from 15,000 followers to almost 24,000 in less than two months). She can do that and more for your company too!

Anna Marie studied both business and sociology at Brandon University and Simon  Frasier University in Vancouver BC.

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